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The Devolity security and compliance analyses the customer's Cybersecurity set-up in addition to their present software installation, usage, and licensing information. The Customer's Cybersecurity Maturity Level will be determined in part by our investigation, which will provide information on the types of software in use and any weak spots.

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Best Security Compliance Management Company

Our IT security experts assist businesses in meeting regulatory requirements and establishing a comprehensive compliance program.

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Security compliance management is the process of establishing security policies, conducting audits to see if they are being followed, and taking corrective action as necessary. Infractions of compliance must be handled in accordance with procedures tailored to the company in question.

All aspects of compliance are managed through the Devolity compliance management system. The organisation's audit compliance skills, internal policies and processes, and external norms and standards are all subject to such independent testing. Devolity provide the primary IT support team, handling everything from Endpoint Detection & Response to Compliance Monitoring.

Cybercriminals and attacks happen around the clock. To guarantee the unwavering safety of your IT infrastructure, Devolity stocks a comprehensive and potent arsenal of cutting-edge security solutions. Can't decide between all the possible solutions? Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we can advise you on the instruments necessary to ensure the safety of your company without leaving anything to chance. Static app security testing

  • Complete Security Assessment
  • Phishing Testing
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Firewall Solutions
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Email Encryption

Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Reporting and Documentation Identifying security risks and vulnerabilities, implementing risk management strategies, and monitoring and mitigating risks

Our security knowledge eliminates guesswork and helps you choose the right security and compliance for your organisation.

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Full Risk Analysis

We examine your company's IT infrastructure, checking for vulnerabilities in security and adherence to rules. We'll deliver our findings and get to work on tailoring solutions to your specific needs to ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance.

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Devolity uses cutting-edge encryption methods to restrict access to your data to only those who you permit to view it. This is essential for following rules and regulations.

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Patch management

Updating patches and firmware to close security flaws is a time-intensive operation but one that must be done. Devolity provides a streamlined procedure operable from a central control panel. We can update and patch everything from computers to mobile devices to firewalls for you.

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Phishing Training and Testing

Just as essential as having Endpoint Detection & Response and a firewall is phishing your own users and training them on Phishing security best practices. Patching your last line of defence, the people using your system is both fun and effective cybersecurity best practice.

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Security Training

To protect your business from cyber attacks, educate your staff on spotting potential dangers and encourage them to exercise caution when handling sensitive data or using company devices.

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Firewall Services

We can fortify your network so that no outsiders, including hackers, are able to access your data.

Devolity is dedicated to supplying our customers with cutting-edge security solutions and services.

We have the expertise to give our network users a first-rate experience and maximum safety with our safety service.

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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

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ISO Compliance

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Email Encryption

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Firewall Solutions

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Server Security Service

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Complete Security Assessment


Our knowledge of how to conduct audits to guarantee adherence to industry standards and laws.

Why go for our hosting solutions that are PCI DSS compliant?

Searching for a hosting solutions supplier who complies with PCI DSS? Look nowhere else!

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Our business is committed to offering hosting services that are safe, dependable, and completely compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Enhanced security Our first focus is safeguarding sensitive cardholder data. To maintain the highest level of defence against breaches and unauthorized access, our hosting environment complies with all relevant security criteria.

Complete compliance We are aware of the significance of following PCI DSS regulations. Our hosting solutions are created in strict accordance with all PCI Security Standards Council specifications.

Sturdy infrastructure Our infrastructure, which includes secure network setups, intrusion detection systems, and routine vulnerability scans, is built to manage the special requirements of PCI DSS compliance.

Committed support If you have any queries or issues about your PCI DSS compliant hosting, our team of professionals is available to you around-the-clock. We can assist you with everything from initial setup to continuous maintenance.

Seamless integration Our hosting solutions may interface smoothly with your current infrastructure, whether you're running an e-commerce website, an online payment system, or any other application that handles cardholder data.

Devolity security operations reduce cyber risk for organizations.

Devolity highly qualified security experts provide 24x7 surveillance, detection, and management to increase your security posture.

Our IT compliance security experts help clients find weaknesses and figure out the real business risks they face. Experts at Devolity Security Compliance Consulting know this because they have worked for years in all areas of computer security. Our advising services are flexible and can be used for any part of information security, such as technology, policies and procedures, compliance network design, disaster recovery, compliance standards, Incident Response, and more.

Regular audits To make sure that our hosting environment continues to be completely compliant with PCI DSS standards, we regularly audit and review it. This lets us take care of the necessary security measures while you concentrate on running your business.

Scalability and performance Our hosting solutions are flexible and scalable to meet the demands of your expanding organisation. You may anticipate dependable and quick hosting services thanks to high-performance servers and optimised setups.

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Frequently asked questions

Security refers to the systems and rules that an organization uses to protect its intellectual property, and compliance means meeting the criteria that an outside organization has set as optimal procedures or legal requirements.

Your business will have accessibility to customer support representatives and, depending on the Security services package you select, direct consultancy services. Our customer service representatives and information technology experts are here to help.

Good security compliance helps safeguard a company's brand. It keeps its activities legal, affecting the company's bottom line, and Devolity is a security solution that protects the safety of an organisation's data.

Devolity goal is to meet industry standards, legal requirements, security rules, and the needs of the business.

Our expert team continuously monitors and evaluates as part of security compliance management. Information security compliance processes involve communication, documentation, and automation of controls and procedures.

With the help of Devolity Security compliance management, your businesses can create and maintain security policies and procedures that adhere to relevant laws, standards, and regulations. It is our job to make sure that your company has taken all the necessary precautions to avoid being the victim of a cyberattack or a data breach.

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