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Welcome to the future of retail! The retail sector in today's fast-paced digital world is always adapting to the needs of tech-savvy customers. Innovative solutions that improve customer experiences streamline processes, and increase profits are essential for survival in today's competitive retail market. Because of this, Devolity exists.

Devolity is a frontrunner in retail IT services, and its mission is to transform the retail business and enable its clients to expand sustainably. Read on as we discuss how Devolity revolutionary IT services can propel your retail business to new heights.

Due to the prevalence of hacking and data breaches, today's retail establishments must place a premium on the safety and scalability of their IT systems. Devolity provides comprehensive IT infrastructure services, including data center solutions, cloud computing, and network design and management.

By relying on Devolity, retailers can feel confident that their data is safe while still having the ability to expand their IT infrastructure in line with their company's needs, thanks to the company's expertise in adopting industry best practices and cutting-edge security measures.

  • Enhanced Customer Experiences
  • Intelligent Inventory Management
  • Robust Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
  • Data-driven Analytics
  • Secure and Scalable IT Infrastructure
  • Retail Store Management
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Devolity Knows Every Retailer Is Unique

Our Skilled Professionals Will Work with You to Understand Your Goals And Create An IT Plan That Matches Your Vision

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Digital and Analytics

As our customers embark on their Digital transformation journeys, we assist them by designing and developing essential platform components of their Digital-Technology.

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Application Services

To provide our customers with comprehensive systems integration consulting services, we've organized our Applications business around 11 horizontal capabilities that work together seamlessly. This guarantees a cohesive strategy for creating the best solutions for the company's requirements.

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Infrastructure Services

When compared to other IT service providers, the credentials of our Infrastructure Management Services are among the most noteworthy. Over 300 of the world's most successful businesses have relied on us to carry out challenging global IT transformation projects and manage effective IT services.

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Research and Development Services

When it comes to global engineering services, we are among the top and are rapidly expanding. We collaborate with more than 50 of the world's top 100 R&D engineering firms on everything from product blueprinting to support, from software or hardware to mechanical.

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Digital Process Operations

Devolity Digital Process Operations (DPO), through its digital services and solutions, is reinventing technology's role from a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of digital innovation and fueling corporate success, hence assisting organizations in adapting to the shifting paradigms of their industries.

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Unlock The Power of Decision-Making with Devolity Solutions

Devolity Powerful Analytics and Reporting Solutions Maximize Data Potential

You may learn a lot about your customers and how to better manage your inventory and sales by analyzing the data. With the right data at hand, you can take the necessary strategic actions to advance your retail company. With the prevalence of cybercrime on the rise, it's more important than ever to keep your customers' personal details protected.

  • Devolity uses cutting-edge security protocols to guard your data and maintain regulatory conformity.
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Private label product management
  • Supply chain management

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“The online examinations portal from Devolity has changed the way we test. It is easy to use and safe, so both kids and teachers can have a good time with it. Our institute has moved into the digital age of education with their innovative e-learning options.”

Dr. Sarah Patel

Examination Coordinator

“As a financial services company, IT infrastructure and security are crucial. They helped us develop an industry-leading IT ecosystem. Their professionals established superior data protection, complete disaster recovery, and effective cloud solutions.”

Thomas Mathew

Operations Head

“Devolity top-notch IT services have greatly improved our nonprofit's operations. Their technological expertise helped build unique software solutions that transformed our data management operations. Devolity professionals understood our organization's needs.”

Yuri MacTavish


“Devolity government agency IT services are excellent. Their knowledge and dedication to excellence have improved our operations. Devolity comprehensive security procedures secure critical data and mitigate cyber-attacks.”

Chief Information Officer

Government Department

“E-learning options from Devolity have changed the way we usually teach. Their virtual classrooms and learning apps make it easy for our kids to learn, even when things are hard. Our teachers can now connect with their kids better, making learning fun and useful - Sarah Thompson”

Prof. David Johnson

Head of Department

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