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The Public Cloud provides you with access to a wide variety of cloud-based services that are priced on a pay-per-use basis. Utilise the adaptability of resources available on demand to scale up from small initiatives to large-scale deployments with the help of our solutions, which have been designed in a straightforward manner to provide you with support for your work.

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Devolity Public Cloud Services will help you to grow your business.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is the most well-known form of cloud computing. In this model, cloud services are constructed utilizing a common pool of physical resources made available in a virtualized setting. These offerings are available via the Internet and other public networks. Regarding public clouds, multiple users can use the same shared resources.

You can program your cloud resources with the tools you like using the standard cloud computing APIs we make available for our Public Cloud services. These APIs include OpenStack for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Kubernetes for container orchestration, etc.

Devolity's innovative approach to technology management and advisory solutions has been of great assistance to businesses all over the world in managing their IT.

  • Banks, governments, and enterprises.
  • 50% cheaper plans than worldwide Cloud competitors.
  • 24x7 SOC Services.
  • Cloud customization.
  • Best-in-Class Managed Security.
  • 24/7 Cloud Infra management.

Public Cloud Solution 30+ business

With our services, you may provide your potential consumers with the most up-to-date software. Pulic Cloud img 1


With Devolity cloud, you get our revolutionary vertical auto-scaling technology, which allows you to scale up your Virtual Machine's allocation of cloud computing resources in real-time. Pulic Cloud img 2


Your needs can be perfectly customized, matched, and obtained with Devolity public cloud. You can now have the flexible adaptability in your business strategy that you've always wanted. Pulic Cloud img 3

Live Migration

Devolity public cloud eliminates the need for a server restart whenever you perform tasks like auto-scaling, application upgrades, or even backups. Pulic Cloud img 4

Physical Security

Devolity seven-tiered security system restricts access to the Data centre to authorized staff only. Pulic Cloud img 5

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Devolity stores encrypted data on systems that offer varying degrees of security. Pulic Cloud img 6

Network Security

Devolity Cloud is able to partition and assign resources over numerous private and public cloud networks sharing the same hardware.

Public Cloud is easy to use and customisable for your project.

Devolity experts can assist your business in migrating to a public cloud model. Pulic Cloud img 7

Cloud Migration. Pulic Cloud img 8

Cloud Security. Pulic Cloud img 9

Managed SOC Services. Pulic Cloud img 10

Cloud Infrastructure Security. Pulic Cloud img 11

Server Security. Pulic Cloud img 12

Network Security.

Excellent Business Solutions!

Our dependable public cloud solution, you can streamline operations, improve teamwork, and spur creativity. Start now to realise the benefits of cloud computing for your business.

Trusted By The World's Best Organizations

Our professionals build servers for our Public Cloud in our data centers

For performance and complete control from production to deployment, in our data centers for performance and complete control from production to deployment.

Experience the ideal blend of cloud effectiveness and private infrastructure performance, compliance, and security, giving you the tools to bring your business into the contemporary era and manage it with ease. Because of the smooth connectivity between our on-premises infrastructure and the public cloud, we can provide a uniform, consistent strategy across the entire cloud landscape.

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Frequently asked questions

Devolity is a reliable cloud service that helps companies of all sizes. We don't lock you into contracts or require large upfront payments, so you can easily scale up or down as needed. Our high-performance servers maintain an uptime of over 99.9%, and should any of our customers require assistance, they may reach a human being around the clock.

Public Cloud instances (virtual servers) offer both scalability and resource guarantees. You can fully control the server's processing power, random-access memory, and storage in under a minute. Hourly billing is available in the Devolity Public Cloud, along with other capabilities, including adding resources without a complete re-installation. You may implement infrastructure automation with the OpenStack API.

The cloud model you choose will rely on your specific requirements. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is where you use software over the Internet and have no management tasks; IaaS provides servers, storage, and networking; PaaS provides hardware and software, allowing customers to focus on installing and executing applications and so on.

Only physical credit cards can be used at Devolity. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are all accepted. Know that you are obtaining the best counsel from a trustworthy firm before investing in any financial product.

Each month, you can run more than one trial. Once you've set up your cloud, the trial time begins. For businesses, there is engineer-to-engineer help based on what you think you will need. You can try things out for up to 45 days.

It is contingent upon your financial plan and requirements. You should be certain that you are receiving the best counsel from a trustworthy firm when investing in any type of financial instrument.

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“The online examinations portal from Devolity has changed the way we test. It is easy to use and safe, so both kids and teachers can have a good time with it. Our institute has moved into the digital age of education with their innovative e-learning options.”

Dr. Sarah Patel

Examination Coordinator

“As a financial services company, IT infrastructure and security are crucial. They helped us develop an industry-leading IT ecosystem. Their professionals established superior data protection, complete disaster recovery, and effective cloud solutions.”

Thomas Mathew

Operations Head

“Devolity top-notch IT services have greatly improved our nonprofit's operations. Their technological expertise helped build unique software solutions that transformed our data management operations. Devolity professionals understood our organization's needs.”

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Chief Information Officer

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