Streamline the educational ecosystem and individualized.

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Create a New Educational Landscape with Devolity

Transforming The Educational Sector With Devolity Cutting-Edge It Solutions

A well-balanced application of technology can improve any sector of society; the educational sector is no exception to this rule. There is always a need in the field of education for fresh approaches. So much has changed in this field during the previous few decades. One of the key players in this digital transformation is the IT solutions for the education sector.

Books aren't the only way to learn anymore. There is a progressive shift away from print and toward digital apps and websites. In addition, today's educators and learners alike value convenience and mobility, so they're on the lookout for individualized services they can access from anywhere using any device.

The tech specialists at Devolity offer a wide variety of e-learning solutions with the help of the cloud, AI, AR, VR, mobility, etc. They can do the assignment without a hitch and develop novel approaches to the problem. The variety of Devolity e-learning solutions are.

  • Web Portal
  • Learning Apps
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Remote Learning Website
  • Online Exam Portal
  • Institute Administration Software
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Improve the Educational Ecology with Devolity IT Solutions

Use Our Innovative Tools and Technologies to Unlock The Full Potential of Online Education

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Intelligent IT Analytics

IT departments can't make good decisions unless they have access to data sets covering many areas of IT and can draw significant correlations from massive amounts of data. With the help of Devolity cutting-edge self-service analytics solutions, you may quickly and easily make informed IT decisions.

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Mobile Learning Applications

Devolity mobile learning applications are responsive and adaptive, and they offer a variety of capabilities such as speech recognition, overwriting, self-evaluation, and m-books so that users may learn whenever, wherever, and however, they prefer.

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E-Learning Solutions

Devolity professionals use cutting-edge data, trends, and tools to generate custom strategies, solutions, storyboards, and content for various industries.

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Institute Management Solutions

Our outstanding institute management solutions help you to synchronize the institute's resources by streamlining and integrating its many different operations, processes, and information flows, among other things.

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Virtual Classroom Solutions

Devolity offers in-depth subject expertise and provides enterprises with virtual classroom solutions that enable them to broadcast online lectures and tutorials at any time and from any location.

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Advanced solutions for enhancing campus IT infrastructure

Devolity Provides a Unified Platform for the Administration of Academic Data for Both Students and Faculties

Devolity acts as a catalyst, assisting academic institutions in recognizing and adapting to a dynamic environment. We provide a full suite of education technology solutions for these schools after carefully considering their unique opportunities, problems, stakeholder expectations, and necessary resources. Our services cover all aspects of your business, from strategy and architecture to development and support. We can even handle your IT infrastructure and outsource your business processes for you.

  • Institute Management Software
  • Online Exam Portal
  • Online Remote Learning and Virtual Classroom Solutions

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1500+ Satisfied Users Over The Globe

“The online examinations portal from Devolity has changed the way we test. It is easy to use and safe, so both kids and teachers can have a good time with it. Our institute has moved into the digital age of education with their innovative e-learning options.”

Dr. Sarah Patel

Examination Coordinator

“As a financial services company, IT infrastructure and security are crucial. They helped us develop an industry-leading IT ecosystem. Their professionals established superior data protection, complete disaster recovery, and effective cloud solutions.”

Thomas Mathew

Operations Head

“Devolity top-notch IT services have greatly improved our nonprofit's operations. Their technological expertise helped build unique software solutions that transformed our data management operations. Devolity professionals understood our organization's needs.”

Yuri MacTavish


“Devolity government agency IT services are excellent. Their knowledge and dedication to excellence have improved our operations. Devolity comprehensive security procedures secure critical data and mitigate cyber-attacks.”

Chief Information Officer

Government Department

“E-learning options from Devolity have changed the way we usually teach. Their virtual classrooms and learning apps make it easy for our kids to learn, even when things are hard. Our teachers can now connect with their kids better, making learning fun and useful - Sarah Thompson”

Prof. David Johnson

Head of Department

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