Digital assets risk management solutions.

Helps Identify And Mitigate Digital Asset Risks

Your digital assets, intellectual property, and sensitive info will always be safe, thanks to our advanced security features. With our shared security and threat data, we can stop new and emerging threats and respond to incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Digital Assets Identification and Evaluation Asset classification and inventory, risk assessment

Improve your network's security, get recognized as an authority, and stand out more with the help of Devolity.

Digital Risk Management

Your organization's protection is at risk when there are too many digital files. Devolity Digital Assets Risk Management services use an external, smart structure to find and flag threats that people don't know about. We help lessen the effects of possible threats by putting controls or defenses in place in the darknet or deep web.

Web application security from Devolity guarantees PCI DSS compliance and enables conformity with all required and recommended regulatory procedures. The billions of IP addresses in use today are scanned by our patented technology platform every day, analyzed, and reports shared via daily alerts and our real-time dashboard. We explain in great detail how to repair language, framework, and platform vulnerabilities in your applications. Devolity offered services for the management and control of digital assets, including

  • Governance, risk and control frameworks.
  • Governance, risk and control frameworks.
  • Design testing.
  • Risk evaluations.
  • Third-party risk management.
  • Service provider due diligence assessments.

Proactive Vulnerability Management Protecting digital assets, Data encryption and access controls, multi-factor authentication, secure configuration management

Discover how Devolity consulting, auditing, and analyzing services can strengthen the safety of your business. Digital Assest Management img 1

Risk Monitoring

Attacks on specific targets are becoming increasingly complex. Organization-specific threat intelligence is essential for achieving near-zero false positives, preventing the compromise of sensitive information, and bolstering security measures. Digital Assest Management img 2

Shadow Map

Without causing disruptions to your infrastructure, our big data analysis and machine learning tool creates a continuous map of your shadow IT infrastructure and applications, revealing hidden assets and publicly known security flaws. Digital Assest Management img 3

Web Application Firewalls

Expertly made attacks can now get into sites that aren't protected and steal private information without leaving a trace. Our WAF service protects websites and online apps from known and new threats. It helps you find and stop unauthorized attacks. Digital Assest Management img 4

Web Application Testing

Reviewing the code of an application can help find fundamental security flaws and reduce the effects of unsafe programming. To prevent attackers from exploiting your business applications, we offer app code review using our in-house scanning tools and human intelligence to evaluate and identify risky code. Digital Assest Management img 5

Bot Manager

Industries in the modern era of the internet are embracing bot solutions to increase the interactivity of digital platforms while also saving time and money. Meanwhile, there is a flood of malicious bots that engage in fraudulent operations, slowing down legitimate users and driving up IT costs. Digital Assest Management img 6

Backup & Recovery

While you can’t predict unexpected events, we’ll ensure the right precautions are in place to minimize downtime and keep you moving in the right direction.

Devolity allows you to take a preventative stance against today's ever-changing threat scenario.

Devolity Digital Asset Risk Management lets you identify essential assets, including IT, databases, and payment processing systems. Digital Assest Management img 7

Identify Threats Digital Assest Management img 8

Digital Assets Secure Websites And Apps. Digital Assest Management img 9

Reduce Shadow IT Risks. Digital Assest Management img 10

Secure Your Apps. Digital Assest Management img 11

Optimize Your Online Bots. Digital Assest Management img 12

Improved Compliance.

Perfect Solutions that Alignment of Regulations and Compliance

From network and device management to security, we're bringing IT together for an integrated, overarching approach.

The quality of our services is a top concern for Devolity Network Security Systems.

Devolity can effectively respond to both new and old threats because of their multilayered protection system.

Since a company's use of new technologies creates digital risk, Devolity program for managing digital risk must be special to that organization. A digital risk management program usually covers the risks that come with third-party organizations, mobile, big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, social media, and so on. Devolity Digital risk management is important because, without it, you can't be sure that your technology is worth it. The new technology might bring new risks even though you want it to solve old problems.

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Digital Assest Risk Management

Frequently asked questions

Digital risk management is the use of digital processes to better evaluate and keep an eye on risks, such as cybersecurity risk, third-party risk, business risk, and many others. These risks can have an effect on the organization's finances, how it runs, or its public reputation.

Devolity Digital Risk Management is vital because, without it, you can't be confident that the technology you employ is worth it; the new technology might present new dangers even as you want it to solve existing problems. Data security regulations and industry standards, such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), might be difficult to keep up with, but our digital risk management services can help.

By finding and evaluating possible weaknesses in a business's IT network, companies can best plan for cyber attacks and try to lessen the damage if one does happen. Devolity digital risk management program can help the company make decisions in the future that reduce risk and keep the company's goals in mind.

Devolity digital risk management service includes the use of automated processes, automated decisions, digital monitoring, and early warning systems. It can also provide in-depth analytics to help your business keep track of its compliance status and the current threat level for all risk factors.

  • Password attacks.
  • Phising attacks.
  • Malware attack.
  • Social engineering attacks.
  • Man-in-the-middle attack (MitM)
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT)
  • Software supply chain attacks.
  • Devolity research the most important things, like IT systems, databases, websites, and payment handling systems, and figure out how vulnerable they are.
  • We Know what could go wrong with the business. Companies can make their systems more secure by making sure they know how enemies act.
  • We Look for things that are at risk. Social media, file-sharing sites, and Git files are all places where companies could be exposed online in ways they don't want to be.

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