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Devolity offers several essential services to businesses of all kinds, including cloud migration which allows them to take advantage of cloud computing's many advantages, including greater storage space, security, scalability, flexibility, and computational power.

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Reduced infrastructure costs, a pay-as-you-go model, operational effectiveness, and third scalability and flexibility

Cloud migration includes migrating software and company data to a secured cloud platform.

Cloud Migration

As businesses embrace digital transformation, Cloud Migration becomes increasingly important for enabling greater agility and better growth. As a first step in this transition, important business workloads will be moved from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud in order to take advantage of the cloud's many advantages.

Devolity Cloud migration options provide a low-cost entry point into the cloud. Our cloud migration services help businesses increase productivity, refresh dated IT assets, and shorten product iteration times. Our Cloud migration consulting services and in-depth knowledge of the field allow for a smooth transition to the cloud.

With the help of our experts, you can create a strategy for migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, discover the best way to document your current setup, and successfully carry out your infrastructure transfer to the cloud.

  • Hybrid/Public Cloud Migration.
  • Cloud Data Migration.
  • Customise Infrastructure Migration.
  • IT Infrastructure Migration.
  • Cloud to Cloud Migration Service.
  • App Migration.

Improved Compliance and Security Strong Data Protection, Encryption, and Access Controls, as well as Industry Regulation Compliance Business continuity

Businesses are revolutionising by simplified, faster, secure cloud migration and disaster recovery.

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We fully support all of your cloud-based software and infrastructure. In addition to assistance, public cloud infrastructure needs constant upkeep.

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Cloud Migration

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is the private cloud migration. VPC is often built in a sandboxed VM using a provider-neutral cloud framework

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Our strategies are one of a kind, as we investigate every facet of the application process separately and thoroughly check it over.

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We'll assist you with moving all of your existing apps and tools to a new platform safely and securely.

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Information is the lifeblood of any enterprise. When migrating from an on-premises data centre to the cloud or from one cloud to another, Devolity Software will design and secure the entire procedure.

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Devolity takes responsibility seriously, which is why we are the most reliable consulting service around.

Maintain Consistently Reliable Access to Your Services

We work with entrepreneurs and digital companies to acquire breakthrough products, services, and processes.

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Cloud Migration Consulting

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Application Migration

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Infrastructure Migration

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Storage & Server Migration

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Platform Migration

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Cloud Implementation

The Ideal Answers That Your Business Requires!

Our approach to IT is holistic and unified, including everything from network and device administration to security.

The Ideal Answers That Your Business Requires!

Our approach to IT is holistic and unified, including everything from network and device administration to security.

Devolity is a leading provider of cloud migration services. In order to provide a thorough status analysis, our team conducts a cloud readiness assessment and creates a concrete migration strategy. In this process, we look at a variety of workloads, security settings, and compliance issues to determine how well they all measure up.

At the conclusion of the assessment, we present a solid answer for complete cloud migration assistance. Our team aids in mapping these evaluated details' dependent applications by documenting their interdependencies. The final step is the creation of an individual migration strategy. We are a leading cloud migration partner, assisting businesses with their transition from on-premises data centers to the cloud.

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Frequently asked questions

We have extensive experience in Cloud migration and are among the best in the industry. Our cloud migration evaluation team experts evaluate projects' technical foundation, business logic, and man-hour needs. We will next proceed to offer the estimated values.

Project length might range from a few weeks to many months, depending on factors such as data complexity, legacy application, and mission-critical workload. Damco, one of the industry's top Cloud migration firms, guarantees the on-time completion of all projects without compromising quality.

Migrating to the cloud can be expensive depending on the size of the project, the type of engagement, the technology stack, the number of required man-hours, the nature of the organisation seeking to migrate, and other factors. Consult with professionals for a rough estimate on moving from on-premise to the cloud.

Yes, of course. As part of our Cloud migration consulting services, we advise businesses on choosing a Cloud environment that will best serve their IT needs in terms of cost, readiness for the future, and ability to achieve process goals without compromising on business objectives.

Only physical credit cards can be used at Devolity. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are all accepted. Before investing in any financial product, gain knowledge that you are obtaining the best counsel from a trustworthy firm.

All of our paid plans include a free trial period of 1 month. The trial period starts the moment your cloud is ready for use. Engineer-to-engineer assistance is available for firms depending on anticipated needs.

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