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Managed hosting solutions for your companyUsing its knowledge of managed hosting solutions, Devolity offers dependable and effective Plesk, CPanel, cloud hosting management, and Wordpress administration services. Here's the specifics of everything!

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Best Security Compliance Management Company

Our IT security experts assist businesses in meeting regulatory requirements and establishing a comprehensive compliance program. managed hosting img 1

In the constantly changing digital environment, dependable and effective hosting is essential for organizations to succeed online. In order to satisfy the particular requirements of companies of all sizes, Devolity provides a full range of Managed Hosting Solutions.

As you concentrate on your core business operations, we guarantee that your website and apps operate at peak performance using our experience in hosting administration, including Plesk, cPanel, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Businesses may benefit from managed hosting solutions' greatest uptime and fastest speeds. You also get access to knowledgeable technical assistance available to help with any problems. Why then do you select Devolity?

  • Plesk and CPanel Management
  • Dedicated to Dedicated Hosting
  • Application Hosting Management
  • App Hosting Management
  • WordPress Hosting

You can concentrate on your business with cPanel hosting administration while we take care of the technical aspects of hosting.

Discover Devolity's expertise in providing dependable and effective managed hosting solutions, as well as Plesk, CPanel, and WordPress administration services. managed hosting img 2

Plesk Hosting Management

The maintenance of Plesk hosting, a user-friendly control panel that makes managing servers and websites easier, is Devolity's area of expertise. Everything related to Plesk hosting is taken care of by our professionals, from installation and configuration to regular upkeep and security patches. managed hosting img 3

cPanel Hosting Management

Devolity provides smooth cPanel hosting administration services for companies who use the platform. To guarantee optimum performance, our team handles cPanel setup, software installation, and ongoing monitoring. managed hosting img 4

Dedicated Hosting Management

You are given a dedicated server for your sole usage by Devolity's Dedicated Hosting Management. We take care of server installation, security, upgrades, and regular monitoring to keep your dedicated hosting environment safe and operating at peak efficiency. managed hosting img 5

Management of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers unrivalled scalability and flexibility. We manage your cloud infrastructure, including resource allocation, load balancing, and data backups, with Devolity's Cloud Hosting Management. Your cloud environment is optimised by our specialists for best performance and lowest cost. managed hosting img 6

WordPress Managemnet

The internet is dominated by WordPress. Nonetheless, knowledge and skills are needed to manage a WordPress website. Do you frequently update your plugins? How can the loading speed of your website be increased? What about a fallback? In any case, Devolity's WordPress Management solution takes all of this into account to keep your website safe, quick, and effective. managed hosting img 7

Custome Hosting Management

All questions or technical concerns relating to hosting may be handled by our devoted support staff. We offer rapid assistance and regular upkeep, providing you the assurance that your app is in good hands.

Eliminate the hassle of hosting administration so you may concentrate on the expansion and success of company.

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Security and Data Protection


Our knowledge of how to conduct audits to guarantee adherence to industry standards and laws.

Why Choose Managed Hosting Solutions from Devolity Improving Your Online Success?

Managed hosting options from Devolity come with a range of benefits that provide your company a worry-free and seamless hosting experience. managed hosting img 14

You have access to a number of advantages that promote efficiency, security, and scalability when you work with us for managed hosting. Let's examine why managed hosting solutions from Devolity are the best option for your hosting requirements.

Professional Hosting Management Devolity has a staff of hosting specialists with in-depth knowledge in managing a variety of hosting environments. Our professionals manage the technical intricacies from setup to continuous monitoring and maintenance, freeing you to concentrate on your primary business operations.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring We keep a constant eye on your hosting environment, spotting and fixing possible problems before they have an impact on your website or apps. We guarantee optimal uptime and efficient operations with proactive monitoring.

Data protection and enhanced security are our top priorities. Strong security measures are put in place by Devolity to protect your data and apps from any attacks. Your digital assets are well-protected with our managed hosting solutions because they feature encryption, firewalls, and monthly security upgrades.

Increased Performance and Speed With our managed hosting solutions, your websites load faster and perform better overall. Our professionals optimise your hosting environment for maximum effectiveness, giving your users a better user experience.

Scalable Options for Growth Your hosting requirements will expand as your business does. The managed hosting solutions from Devolity are extremely scalable and adapt to the needs of your changing business without sacrificing security or speed.

Customized Hosting Plans We are aware that every company is different. With the custom hosting packages that Devolity offers, you may select the services that best suit your needs and financial constraints.

Advantages of managing mobile app hosting

The ideal managed hosting solution strikes a balance between effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, excellent support, and adaptability.

Concentrate on App Development By managing the hosting of your app, Devolity frees up your development team's time to work on new features and enhancing user experiences rather than worrying about server upkeep.

A flawless and responsive user experience is delivered by your app thanks to reliable and high-performance hosting, which boosts user happiness and retention.

Scalable Solutions for Growth When your app becomes more well-known and attracts a larger user base, our scalable hosting solutions can handle the extra traffic and data needs, enabling your app to grow without any problems.

Security and Data Compliance To secure your app and user data from potential breaches, we place a high priority on security and data protection, following to standards set by the industry.

Cost-Effectiveness By outsourcing mobile app hosting management to Devolity , you may avoid hiring an internal IT staff, cut expenditures, and maximise the entire budget for your app.

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Frequently asked questions

Security refers to the systems and rules that an organization uses to protect its intellectual property, and compliance means meeting the criteria that an outside organization has set as optimal procedures or legal requirements.

Your business will have accessibility to customer support representatives and, depending on the Security services package you select, direct consultancy services. Our customer service representatives and information technology experts are here to help.

Good security compliance helps safeguard a company's brand. It keeps its activities legal, affecting the company's bottom line, and Devolity is a security solution that protects the safety of an organisation's data.

Devolity goal is to meet industry standards, legal requirements, security rules, and the needs of the business.

Our expert team continuously monitors and evaluates as part of security compliance management. Information security compliance processes involve communication, documentation, and automation of controls and procedures.

With the help of Devolity Security compliance management, your businesses can create and maintain security policies and procedures that adhere to relevant laws, standards, and regulations. It is our job to make sure that your company has taken all the necessary precautions to avoid being the victim of a cyberattack or a data breach.

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