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Defence Against Outside Threats preventing unauthorized access, battling malware, and protecting against viruses

The Application Security service from Devolity can keep your business Secure from Cyber Attacks

Application Security

Application security is the use of tools and methods to keep applications safe throughout their entire life cycle. Due to the speed of development in the modern world, organizations can't wait until an app is live to start protecting it. With tools like danger modelling, security must be integrated from the beginning. It should then continue through development, where scanners can help automate security and into the infrastructure and modules used to run apps.

Workload protection in Devolity serves as a firewall for your software workloads. With micro-segmentation and the allow list approach, your application workload is isolated and safe. Your data won't be compromised by east-west transit even if there's a breach in your cloud, hybrid, or on-premises infrastructure. By making your application less vulnerable to attacks, you can better protect what matters most to you.

The scanning tools provided by Devolity are crucial to application security because they enable programrs to conduct thorough tests before releasing their work to the public. There is a wide variety of these instruments available, some of which scan source code while others test the software by executing it with various inputs. Here are some examples of Devolity scanning equipment.

  • Static app security testing
  • Interactive app security testing
  • Software analysis
  • Dynamic app security testing
  • Application security testing service
  • Fuzzing

Mitigating Internal Risks III. Safeguarding Sensitive Data A. Encryption and Data Privacy

Devolity Application Security Management Can Help You Protect Your Digital Assets and Private Data Application Security img 1

Web Application Firewall

Protect your applications from malicious web traffic and anonymous access to your server with a Web Application Firewall. Application Security img 2

API Security

Devolity automated API protection guarantees that your API endpoints are secure as soon as they are published, preventing attacks on your apps. Application Security img 3

Runtime Application

Your application's runtime environment's real-time detection and prevention of attacks follows it anywhere it goes. Reduce your vulnerability backlog by putting a stop to external attacks and injections. Application Security img 4

Advanced Anti-Bot Solutions

Stop attacks on your business logic from reaching your website, mobile app, or application programming interface. Gain complete oversight and command over bot activity to prevent account takeover and price-scraping scams. Application Security img 5

DDoS Protections

Stopping attacks in their tracks at the network's perimeter is the best way to assure continuous service with minimal impact on performance. Protect your data, whether it's stored locally or in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Application Security img 6

Client Protection

Reduce the possibility of supply chain fraud, data breaches, and client-side attacks by gaining oversight and command over all third-party JavaScript code.

Your Privacy of Data Is Always Being Monitored by Our Team of Global Security Experts

Devolity Application Security Maintains Privacy of sensitive information through multi-factor authentication and transmitting data encryption techniques. Application Security img 7

Secure Access Service Edge Application Security img 8

Endpoint Security Application Security img 9

Mobile Security Application Security img 10

IoT Security Application Security img 11

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Security Operation

Devolity Cybersecurity Ecosystem!

From network and device management to security, we're bringing IT together for an integrated, overarching approach.

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Devolity Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Devolity offers the industry's most comprehensive Application Security solutions. IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions. As one of the world's largest IT Service Providers, our deep pool of over 130 certified engineers and IT support staff are ready to help.

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Frequently asked questions

Application security is a term for the security methods that are built into an app to keep data or code from being stolen or changed. It includes the security decisions that are made during the development and design of an app, as well as the systems and methods that are used to protect an app after it has been launched. Application security can be made up of hardware, software, and processes that find or fix security holes.

Application security is important because many apps today are linked to the cloud and can be used over multiple networks. This makes them more vulnerable to security threats and breaches.

The goal of Devolity in application security is to protect software and information from cyber risks. Adding security to an application is possible and should be done at all stages of development, including planning, development, and deployment.

Application security is crucial because software programs in today's world are frequently accessible through a variety of networks and connected to the cloud, which increases the applications' susceptibilities to security breaches and attacks. With Devolity application security, you can keep your data safe & secured.

The major benefit of security testing is that it can help find security flaws in software or apps before they are released to the public. This can help keep bad things from happening, like a data hack or a loss of trust from customers.

Devolity Application Security Tools have been designed to keep software programs safe from outside threats throughout the full lifecycle of a software program.

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