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Cloud infrastructure is built for business with unprecedented responsiveness and safety, including round-the-clock monitoring and management. For companies with an eye towards rapid expansion, we streamline and simplify cloud hosting.

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Cloud Hosting

If your business values reliability, accessibility, and affordability, cloud hosting is the way. Cloud servers are a collection of computers that function as one large server. Resources requested by users will be drawn from the pool as a whole rather than from a single designated workstation. Customers are typically limited in what they can do with their hosted websites due to the constraints imposed by traditional server configurations. Devolity Cloud hosting frees customers from the constraints of a conventional server, granting them greater leeway in configuration.

One site's sudden influx of visitors can drain the server's resources for everyone. With cloud hosting, several users can access the same files from a central location. Since Cloud hosting servers operate in a shared environment, users can access their allocated portion of the total. The major benefit of this virtualized computing system is its financial savings. Cloud computing is three to four times less expensive than other hosting for the same server configuration.

Devolity provides an unrivalled cloud experience. With several servers, appropriate strategies, and multiple power lines, we've created the most secure cloud hosting environment possible for your data.

  • Public, private, and hybrid hosting.
  • Cloud management and monitoring.
  • Cloud-supported security.
  • Assessment and analysis skills.
  • Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud collaboration.
  • Trustworthy support 24x7.

Streamlined Management and Upkeep

You can now provide your customers with extensive cloud hosting network capabilities using our innovative technology. Cloud Hosting img 1

Verifying Cloud Readiness

We meet with our customers to determine if their move to the Cloud is warranted. At this time, we also inform them of the total cost of ownership and the achievable performance criteria for each workload. Cloud Hosting img 2

Enhanced Security

The infrastructure introduced by cloud hosting protects client data on multiple levels, including network, data, firewall application, and physical. Cloud Hosting img 3

Backup and Recovery

When you use cloud hosting, your data is stored on numerous connected servers, so you can be assured that it is safe during a disaster. Cloud Hosting img 4

Server Uptime Increased

The efficiency of a client's website is directly related to the availability of their server. Network uptime is maximised with cloud hosting, and there are no single points of failure Cloud Hosting img 5


Websites and accounts can use as little or as much of the cloud servers' pool of resources (bandwidth, RAM, storage space, etc.) as they need. In contrast, a physical machine hosted conventionally has much less access to those same resources. Cloud Hosting img 6


Any website stored in a cloud environment, instead of a conventional server setup, will run significantly more efficiently. The Cloud is an outstanding alternative for those needing fast website loading times, flexible and rapid resource allocation, disaster recovery methods.

Maintain Consistently
Reliable Access to Your Services

Construct, Deploy, and Scale Your Web Project Using Cloud Service of Your Choice. Cloud Hosting img 7

Superior Technology and Facilities Cloud Hosting img 8

World-class security. Cloud Hosting img 9

Included with enhanced caching and Cloudflare (CDN). Cloud Hosting img 10

Accelerates and optimises scaling. Cloud Hosting img 11

Data centers located all over the world. Cloud Hosting img 12

Ensures top performance and availability.

Full-Performance Enhancements to All Your Favourite Apps

Devolity Cloud Host provides useful Cloud hosting solutions that might help your company succeed.

Full-Performance Enhancements to All Your Favourite Apps

Devolity Cloud Host provides useful Cloud hosting solutions that might help your company succeed.

We promise that your preferred programs will run smoothly on our cloud hosting platform. Now, launching apps is a breeze thanks to our fully-integrated, highly-optimised stack. In this approach, you can ensure the highest possible performance and user satisfaction from your website. With our innovative approach to IT management and our wide range of consultation services, Devolity has been assisting businesses all over the world.

Data security is ensured by the cloud service provider through client identity management, secure and encrypted solutions behind firewalls, and backup and disaster recovery procedures.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to growing your company and strengthening your brand, Devolity Cloud Hosting is the way to go. If your company is large, you'll need a server capable of handling heavy traffic. Hosting on the Cloud is the best option.

There are many benefits to hosting in the Cloud. Our documentation and other pages are available for your perusal. In that article, we discussed some benefits of cloud hosting that might increase profits for your company.

Reliability in cloud hosting is possible with Devolity. In the event that a server goes down, your website or application will still be accessible thanks to Devolity cloud hosting's redundant network of servers. We promise a minimum of 99.99% availability. In addition, we regularly use a wide range of safeguards to protect cloud-based information.

Only physical credit cards can be used at Devolity. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are all accepted. Before investing in any financial product, gain knowledge that you are obtaining the best counsel from a trustworthy firm.

All of our paid plans include a free trial period of 1 month. The trial period starts the moment your cloud is ready for use. Engineer-to-engineer assistance is available for firms depending on anticipated needs.

It really depends on your budget and requirements. Any time you make a financial investment, you need to make sure you're working with a reputable company that can provide you with the finest advice.

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