Is Photoshop obsolete?

Imagine having the ability to flawlessly enhance any image according to your exact preferences.

Now, achieving that level of perfection is as easy as a simple drag and drop, thanks to an AI innovation called DragGAN: 🏌

A team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, MIT, and Google collaborated to develop DragGAN, a cutting-edge technology that allows you to effortlessly ‘drag’ any element within an image to your desired location.

DragGAN consists of two primary components:

  • Motion supervision: This component provides guidance for moving the selected point towards the target position.
  • Point tracking: By employing distinctive features, this element keeps track of the point being manipulated.

This remarkable functionality enables DragGAN to execute highly realistic modifications, even when tackling challenging tasks like generating concealed portions of images or altering shapes while maintaining their natural appearance.

While Photoshop often demands intricate skills and knowledge, DragGAN simplifies intricate edits to the level of a straightforward drag and drop.

Although DragGAN excels in precise image deformation, it is important to acknowledge the enduring value of Photoshop’s comprehensive graphic design tools.